Turn Your Passion
Into A Rewarding Profession

Our goal at the Institute is to help you do just that and much more. Through professional, interactive training, our students gain the skills and confidence to create and manage successful horticultural therapy (HT) programs. We introduce students to practicing horticultural therapists who work with special populations in different settings across the U.S. Our experienced instructors share best practices and provide the latest techniques in HT programming that inspire students to become leaders in the HT profession. Helping you combine your passion for gardening with your desire to improve lives is at the heart of our mission and the focus of all of our training and educational programs.

Our classes offer you:

  • certificate in horticultural therapy
  • Customized courses in HT for adult and traditional students
  • A flexible curriculum that adapts to varied educational and professional backgrounds
  • College credit from Colorado State University
  • Caring staff who can help guide your career
  • Opportunities to interact and exchange ideas with others who share your passion
  • Face-to-face and online instruction that builds your professional network
  • Courses that lead to a credential in HT from the American Horticultural Therapy Association

Read WHAT STUDENTS SAY about the Institute:

“The Fundamentals of Horticultural Therapy class was a wonderful experience and totally validated my pursuit to become a registered horticultural therapist.”

McKenzie Bossert, licensed professional counselor, North Carolina

“The Zoom class was better than I expected. The activities were well coordinated. It was evident that a tremendous amount of work with attention to detail went into preparing for the online class. I learned so much that I will apply to my practice.” 

Evelyn Joran-Thiel, pediatric nurse practitioner, Virginia

“HTI has a huge heart for educating people who desire to serve others through the use of horticultural therapy. All the reading, assignments, group activities, reflective time is presented in such a thorough, organized way that shows how strategic and nurturing a horticultural therapy program can be.”

Melissa Depew, student, North Carolina