The HT courses are taught through the Horticultural Therapy Institute (HTI). Students must enroll through CSU as well the Institute, and pay applicable tuition and fees to both. Courses are offered off campus in Denver or the Fort Collins areas in a four or five-day format.

The horticultural therapy courses that are part of the HT concentration are the same as those taken by students enrolled in the certificate program, affording students the opportunity to interact with experienced adult learners who are pursuing careers in HT.

Horticultural therapy courses include:

Enrollment procedures:

HTI enrollment for HT concentration students is a bit different than regular campus enrollment. Students need to pay attention to the enrollment costs and deadlines of HTI as well as CSU timelines. HTI is a private non-profit organization that works in cooperation with CSU to offer these classes. Adhering to HTI deadlines is important to allow students the time to receive and complete pre-class assignments. Contact us with any questions or enroll online.