Course Description

This course introduces the profession and practice of horticultural therapy, which uses gardening activities in health care and human service programs. The course describes the types of programs utilizing horticultural therapy as well as the cognitive, social, emotional and physical goals for the varied people served. It also exposes students to resources for further exploration and to professionals in the field. (Meets four days) CSU course number H270

Learning Objectives

  • Define horticultural therapy as a therapeutic modality and as a profession.
  • Describe the settings and populations utilizing horticultural therapy.
  • Identify key organizations, literature and individuals that have influenced the development and practice of horticultural therapy.
  • From reading, discussion and observation, describe the objectives and value of horticultural therapy programs.
  • Identify resources for the study of horticultural therapy and for becoming professionally registered.
  • Assess personal attributes and experiences that are relevant to the practice of horticultural therapy.


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