Course Description

This course prepares students to develop, manage and evaluate horticultural therapy (HT) programs and sites. Considerations and solutions for the design of indoor and outdoor therapeutic HT spaces are discussed. Also included are private contracting business models, marketing, and strategies to obtain funding and resources for program support. Comprehensive program proposals are used to encompass all the major elements of program and site design, implementation and management. (Meets five days + distance sessions) CSU course number H425.

Learning Objectives

  • Assess/evaluate HT program facilities and spaces
  • Design raised beds for accessibility and program use.
  • Design HT therapeutic spaces that fit the site, population and organization.
  • Select appropriate plants to support the goals of an HT program at the site.
  • Plan for implementation of design and seasonal plantings.
  • Plan for management of structures and plant maintenance.
  • Identify a variety of potential funding sources.
  • Identify to integrate with existing services and programs in the community and organization.
  • Identify the steps used to practice HT as a private contractor.
  • Market an HT program, through oral and written methods.
  • Develop an HT program budget.
  • Create plans for program implementation and evaluation.
  • Plan a complete horticultural therapy program for an actual site, and create a detailed written program proposal to describe it.


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