Why a certificate?

The Horticultural Therapy Institute recognizes that certificates are increasingly used by employers and clients as validation of special skills and knowledge. Earning a certificate demonstrates both initiative and willingness to make the time commitment necessary for both professional and career development. Certificates offer the possibility to study a concentrated area such as horticultural therapy without the expense or time commitment of obtaining an entire degree. If you are ready to advance your career or become an expert in this emerging field, the HT certificate program can open the door for you to pursue your goals.

Are there prerequisites for the certificate classes once you are part of the program?

Students must complete (with a C or above) all listed prerequisite courses before being eligible to enroll in advanced courses. In some individual circumstances the instructor may give permission to enroll without a prerequisite or take a class out of sequence.

How does the Horticultural Therapy Institute’s certificate program work?

The certificate program can be completed within one year. It consists of four courses, each in a four or five-day intensive format. Face-to-face learning is supplemented with out-of-class assignments and projects students complete at a distance. We at the Institute believe in the value of face-to-face interaction in this high-touch profession. While in class students work on group projects and problem solving, discussion of the heart of the human/nature connection as well as engage in networking with other students. The first step is for students to enroll in Fundamentals of Horticultural Therapy. This class is a prerequisite for the other classes in the certificate program. Because each of the courses builds upon experiences and information from preceding ones, the ideal approach is to enroll in them sequentially. We do work with students individually if it is necessary to take a course out of sequence. Payment for each class is due by the enrollment deadline. The American Horticultural Therapy Association accredits the HT certificate. Each course is also approved for academic credit from Colorado State University. See the course schedule for more details. The optional credits are discussed in class and payment made at that time.

How does your program meet the AHTA professional standards?

Courses at the Institute are available for academic credit through Colorado State University. Students may earn a total of 9 credits in horticultural therapy, as required by the AHTA standards for professional registration. These credits are optional for certificate students, but required for those seeking professional registration.

Do I have to be admitted and/or enroll at CSU to earn the credits? How does it work?

HTI students who are not currently enrolled at CSU have the option of signing up for credit during the class session through CSU Division of Continuing Education. No admission procedure is required. Students fill out the forms during class and pay additional fees to CSU for credits at that time.

How much do the classes cost?

Class Name Regular Price College Student Price*
Fundamentals of Horticultural Therapy $950 $760
Horticultural Therapy Techniques $1050 $840
Horticultural Therapy Programming $1050 $840
Horticultural Therapy Management $1575 $1260

* Proof of full-time student status is required

Is professional registration required in order to practice Horticultural Therapy?

Currently, there are no legal requirements for HT credentials in the U.S. However, becoming professionally registered helps both the professional and the profession by demonstrating a knowledge base for successful and effective horticultural therapy practice.

Is it necessary to take the courses in sequence?

Generally, the curriculum at the Institute is designed for completing the classes in order. Each course builds upon the previous one(s) in content and assignments. Requests to enroll in a class without the prerequisites should be directed to the lead instructor, and will be considered individually.

I completed a class in horticultural therapy at another university or certificate program. Will that class substitute for a prerequisite class at the Horticultural Therapy Institute? Will it apply towards an HT certificate?

Substitutions may or may not meet the Institute’s prerequisites for enrollment. Each request to do so is considered individually. To maintain the HT Institute’s AHTA accreditation, a certificate in horticultural therapy is only issued to those who complete all four classes at the Institute.

Do you have to live where the classes are offered?

No, the reason our classes are held in four or five day intensive formats is to allow students to travel to the class site from any location.

Where do students stay while attending classes?

Depending upon where classes are held, the Institute generally tries to obtain a group rate for lodging or recommendations for lodging. More information can be found on our Accommodations page.

Do I need to purchase a textbook?

Yes, for most courses, you need at least one book or professional journal. We use the same two textbooks for all advanced courses. In addition, you may need access to a journal on horticultural therapy or an additional book to prepare for assignments. These are specified on your enrollment confirmation for each class.

Are scholarships available?

Occasionally we have funding to award partial scholarships for advanced classes upon request.

Are there assignments for the Fundamentals of HT class?

Yes, pre-class assignments will include reading specific sections of the textbook, The Profession and Practice of Horticultural Therapy, and a literature review of journal articles. Details of what to read and complete before class will be emailed to enrolled students. Additional assignments will be given in class to be submitted to the instructor and discussed during the four-day class meeting.

Are there assignments for other HT classes?

Yes, pre-class assignments will include reading specific sections of several textbooks and/or journal articles. Post class assignments must be completed approximately 3 weeks after class.

What topics will be covered in the Fundamentals of HT class?

This course introduces the profession and practice of horticultural therapy. The types of programs utilizing horticultural therapy as well as the cognitive, social, emotional, and physical goals for the varied people served are considered. Students review and discuss professional literature in the field and are exposed to resources for further exploration as well as to professionals in the field. For learning objectives go to: https://www.htinstitute.org/fundamentals-of-horticultural-therapy/