A great foundation to horticultural therapy with a lot of inspiration for moving forward personally and as a professional.

Juliet WahlenmayerMental Health Therapist in Pennsylvania

The class (horticultural therapy techniques) was a very transformative experience for me that gave me a much better horticultural therapy framework. I feel like I’m now able to set up a task tailored to specific groups.

Marty BakerStudent in Colorado

The class showed the vast array of what horticultural therapy can offer to individuals. There is so much depth and breadth to this field and this class was a wonderful introduction.

Michele MooreFlower Farmer in Washington

The class exposed me to all the opportunities around me that I need to take advantage of. I met great people what will help me open doors in the future.

Alexandra LeClairStudent in Maine

Breaking up the class lecture time with activity time reinforced learning. Incredible amount of information packed into four days. Content was relevant, exciting, interesting and motivating. A revelation of new opportunities.

Ann RussellFloral Designer in Pennsylvania

It always takes so much effort to get to class that I start to doubt myself and the commitment and effort, but that disappears when I’m here.

Linda McGohonHuman Resource Manager in Ohio

I enjoyed the whole class (Fundamentals of HT), but particularly the exercises. Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge. I’m looking forward to my next class opportunity.

Sarah HimmelheberSocial Work Professor in North Carolina

Rebecca Haller was wonderful. I enjoyed her relaxed, yet professional teaching style. She has a wonderful sense of humor and is very approachable. I’m really looking forward to taking the other courses in the HTI certificate series.

Tracy HalwardHT Consultant in Colorado

I enjoyed visiting with program directors and getting an inside look at the actual working process of different programs. The guest speakers were truly committed to each of their projects. They gave me inspiration to go back home and start up a program.

Amy NossamanExtension Director in Iowa

I appreciated how the homework and reading tied together. The instructor, Rebecca Haller is the consummate professional. She was
very patient with a wide range of ‘intro’ questions.

Kathy JonesRetired in Arizona